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The New Year Brings New Hopes and Dreams…


January 2nd- What better way to start the new year than to give back to those in need. Come see Montreal’s top burlesque artists strip down for autism.

January 9th- BonBon Bombay is on a mission…Who will be her victim at the 3rd Edition of Le Tassel D’Or?

January 12th-13th- Classes are Open! Have you ever wanted to learn burlesque and step foot on stage? Come join The Lady Josephine & BonBon in the winter session of Class B and Class Boys. In 10 weeks time you shall shine on stage! Contact Arabesque Burlesque for more info.
January 15th to January 19th- Off to New York City!!! BonBon will celebrate her birthday in style but will also be performing at NYU SKIRBALL Centre for the Performing Arts in the circus festival showcase with the production of The Whore of Babylon. Exciting weekend ahead!
January 19th-26th- Miss Bombay is on holiday for a week! See you soon Montreal!
January 28th- Ending the month performing with another worthy cause; Arabesque Burlesque needs dance mirrors! BonBon Bombay has been teaching with Arabesque Burlesque since it’s beginnings three years ago with The Lady Josephine and will be headlining and hosting this show with their alumni students. All proceeds go to create an even better dance environment to let people shine! 


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