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After a month hiatus due to Dr.’s orders, BonBon is back in action!


May 21st- BonBon is thrilled to take the stage again after a month of healing from surgery. She still has three more months before she can go full tilt, but this is a beginning…

Miss Bombay joins her beloved troupe The Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow in Sharbot Lake for Seed To Sausage Day of The Pig Festival! Yes the circus is coming to town!

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As an artist, it’s important to see shows and be inspired…


April 2nd- Date Night!  The Book Of Mormon!
April 10th-11th-3 creative people, 24 hours, one short film. Magic ensued. #letyourcreativespiritflow #bonzo — with Daniel Hornick and Stephen Portman at Hardknocks Boxing Club.
 April 19th- BonBon Bombay will join her beloved circus sideshow troupe members and meet in front of The Dragon’s…

 April 24th- As of today, BonBon Bombay will be laying low for a while due to surgery… more news to come.

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Romania, oh how I love thee…


BonBon Bombay departed Canada on February 28th to Romania to begin rehearsals for PsiheDelia.
Show dates are March 4th to 6th. “I am basking in glee!”

March 12th-  Misfit Strips – At the Painted Lady (218 Ossington ave). This show aims to showcase the most emotional, experimental, wild and weird burlesque in Toronto. It’s right up BonBon’s alley! I wonder who will be her new victim…? See you at the show! Door 9pm. Show 10pm. ONLY $5!!!

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“Montreal, Here I Come Again!”


BonBon Bombay returns to her beloved city Montreal to do three shows and teach class. In order of appearance:

February 3rd- Miss Bombay headlines Charlestown at the infamous Wiggle Room in the company of some of Montreal’s best burlesque performers. This one is not to be missed!!!

February 4th- Very special guest appearance as Harley Quinn. Things are about to get a little crazy!

Also on February 4th- BonBon Bombay headlines at Montreal’s very own Speakeasy Le 4e Mur. It’s going to get hot in there!

February 5th- Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of the art that is burlesque? Come take BonBon’s class! Hosted by Arabesque Burlesque, BonBon will teach a power hour class on the art of the tease and will get you shaking your booty!


Guess who is off to perform in Romania’s Pop Diva Delia’s music concert? BonBon Bombay that’s who! BonBon will be out of the country from February 28th until March 7th. “I have never performed in a music concert this big. I am so excited! I am honoured that Delia thought of me and her artistic director is giving me creative freedom in reworking my award winning act the Dance of Death to her song: Mona. This is a dream!”

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New Year, New Dreams…

For the month of January BonBon Bombay will focus her energy on renovating a space for artists to rehearse, to create and to host special events. This is a big project! Here is a sneak peak of her hard work. Chez BonBon is coming soon…

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Exciting News!!! BonBon made the finals of iUmor in Bucharest, Romania!!!


On December 3rd, BonBon Bombay returns to Bucharest, Romania to compete in the finals of iUmor. The prize is 20 000 euros! “I am touched and moved that the Romanian people voted me straight to the finals. I hope to make them proud!” Miss Bombay will be in Romania from December 3rd to December 11th. Stay tuned for how it all pans out.

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Returning to Montreal!


November 10th-16th: BonBon Bombay returns to Montreal to do not one, not two, but three shows!!!

In order of appearance: November 11th-

November 12th- Sorry this one is private! BonBon Bombay and her beloved troupe the Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow will perform a special show for Le Gala 2016- Groupe Résidencia. 

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And So…The Adventure Begins.


August 31st to September 6th- BonBon Bombay will be in Bucharest, Romania to participate in iUmor, a televised humour competition . She is one of a very select few that is competing as a non stand up comedian and that is not from Romania. Fingers crossed she makes it to the finals!!

September 7th- “My time in Bucharest Romania will never be forgotten. It was pure magic! The city, the crew from iUmor and the judges all greeted me with such open arms…I am forever grateful for the experience. I cannot divulge what happened until in airs but let’s just say it went really well.”

September 14th- BonBon Bombay said YES to her knight in shining armor and got engaged! 

September 15th to 19th- Time for some quality time & celebration with family!

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Returning to Canada after a great time abroad!


August 14th- BonBon Bombay returns to Canada after a successful co-production between her troupe The Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow and Amiteatret in Copenhagen, Denmark. She almost didn’t make it back in one piece though due to face planting off her bicycle the night before her flight. Oh the Danes do know how to give a girl a good going away party!… 

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