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“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest, smile.”- William Cullen Bryant (Show Dates for September to December)


September 5th, Come see BonBon Bombay strut her stuff with a stellar cast for The Wiggle Room’s 2nd Burlesque-Aversary!

Exciting News!!! It’s the world premiere of an innovative dance, circus, art, theatre piece entitled :The Whore of Babylon/ La Putain de Babylon created by Nadère Arts Vivant, under the direction of Andréane Leclerc in which 7 strong woman play fiercely on stage, including your’s truly BonBon Bombay also know as Bonny Giroux.

Opening night is September 8th at Le Théâtre Lachapelle, in Montreal and shall run until September 11th. Then off to Copenhagen…but before leaving…

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“The summer night is like a perfection of thought”- Wallace Stevens (Show Dates for June to August)


June 6th- BonBon Bombay headlines & produces a show like none other. Come see her offbeat childhood fantasies. 

June 6th- The Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow on the streets of Hochelaga- Maisonneuve! Come check out the craziness that issues when BonBon and her troupe hit the streets of Montreal! 4pm-6pm and it’s FREE!

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Spring is nature’s way of saying Let’s Party!!-Robin William (Show Dates for April & May)


April 2nd: Come one, come all to  The Night Circus at Café Cléopatre, 1230 Blvd. St-Laurent, Mtl. A variety of  great acts including your Headliner BonBon Bombay.

Doors 8pm. Show 10pm.

April 7th-11th Holiday in New York City to see broadway shows! An American in Paris, The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and Fun House! And get into a little trouble… 😉

April 13th- Video shoot for The Café Racer’s song: Circus Girl.

April 16th- Off to the ballet to see Anna Karenina at Place Des Arts!

April 15th- Things are going to get fiery…at Ãtame Restaurant on Duluth, Mtl. Burlesque entertainment while you dine! OH MY! Pop-Up Performances from 7pm to 9:30pm.

April 25th-  Winter is coming…

April 29th- Stripping For A Cause! Robin Des Bois Restaurant Mtl. performance begin at 7pm. This is what their mission is:

“Le Robin des Bois est un restaurant d’économie sociale qui a pour mission d’offrir à la communauté une cuisine actuelle et savoureuse dans un espace accueillant où chaque jour des bénévoles se joignent à l’équipe permanente pour contribuer à la préparation et au service.

Le Robin des Bois redistribue ses profits à des organismes de charité qui œuvrent dans la communauté afin de vaincre la solitude, l’isolement social et la pauvreté.”


May 2nd- BonBon Bombay’s Bar Room Ballet Show, featuring a special performance by her beloved Strongman The Mighty Leviticus at Montreal Infamous Wiggle Room.

May 16th- It’s Time to Rock N’ Roll!!!

May 28th- Documentaire Spécial!Bonbon Bombay, la duchesse du burlesque – TFO 24.7
On Mai 2nd, I headlined a show at The Wiggle Room alongside some talented burlesque artist. There was a film crew from TFO 24.7 doing a segment on BonBon Bombay. Here it is!: It also features sneak peaks of Camille Baillargeon, Marie Doroftei, Ruby Outevsky and Rev Carl Nickerson .

May 28th- Le Belmont Theatre presents Café Racer Album Launch. Featuring performances by Montreal Burlesque & Circus Artist, including BonBon Bombay and The Mighty Leviticus. Here’s a teaser video:

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“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


March 7th- Double Header! Fire and Bondage at ÃTAME – Restaurant Aphrodisiac- 351 Duluth, Montreal, QC from 7pm to 9pm and special presentation at JoBlo- 3807 Wellington, Verdun, QC at 10:30pm. Good times!

March 14th- It’s with great pleasure that I shall be the hostess with the mostess for the show “The New Faces of Burlesque”.  I shall be presenting an array of women and men who shall hit the stage and show you why they are climbing up the ranks of the Montreal’s burlesque scene. 

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“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invisible summer”- Albert Camus

In the depts of winter here is were you can find me. I’ll keep you warm…


February 7th, I am off to Baie St-Paul at Hotel La Ferme for a corporate gig organized by Évènement Lucie Champagne with my beloved strongman The Mighty Leviticus and the Infamous sword swallower Istvān Betyār. The organizer is a little worried that we shall shock her audience. No worries, we shall shock them but leave them in awe!

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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”-John Steinbeck

Do not fret the cold winter, here are some shows to keep you happy and cozy.


As of January 5th until the 31st, I shall be in full time rehearsals for a bold new production called The Whore Of Babylon. Directed by Andréane Leclerc. Show dates to be confirmed…

January 9th, 16th, 24th and 30th You can find me setting myself on fire- no joke 😉 and drinking whiskey at Montreal’s one and only aphrodisiac restaurant Ãtame. Titillating entertainment and decadent food. Pop-up performances begin at 7pm. I am packed for two acts: “Spark” and “Whiskey Romance”.

January 10th Headlining Le Tassel D’Or at the historic Lion D’Or Cabaret in Montreal.

January 21st Off to Washington DC to be perform at the annual Mardi Gras Festival with Cirquantique. 

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Ringing in 2015 with religious eroticism!

It is with great pleasure that I have accepted the task of putting together all the entertainment required for NYE and hosting the evening’s celebrations! I have one hell of a line up for one hell of a party! How about exorcising our 2014 demons on December 31st to ring in the new year?

Where? None other than Montreal’s Abreuvoir. Three different universes shall be create; Hell in the downstairs club, a Cathedrale in the pub and Paradise on the terrasse, with pop up performances to suit each theme. Whether you are an angel or a demon, this is the place to be!

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Fall is in the air and BonBon is everywhere! (Show Dates from September to December)

Looking to get cozy this Fall? BonBon has shows that will keep you chillin’!


Art Tattoo Show Montréal Septembre 5th, 2014 with Speakeasy Burlesque.
Special Event Private Party to follow. Maybe if you asked nicely, BonBon will ask you if you would like to join  her to the party.;)


Aphrodisiac dinning and titillation!! Atame is Montreal’s finest exotic dinning with burlesque performance throughout your meal. It’s intimate and personal. Special performances by BonBon Bombay September 6th, 2014.

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Time for a wee holiday… lalala!

I shall be on holidays from July 25th to August 21st!!

I shall be in and out of the country during this time. If it takes me longer than usual to reply to emails, I am probably lost in the woods having an incredible adventure 😉

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