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It’s time to clown around…

This month, I am taking a step back from performing and focusing on my studio, my garden and a trio choreography I am working on.

BUT you can catch me at The Toronto Clown Festival- Clown Burlesque Cabaret on June 1st at The Monarch at 10PM presenting a revamped duo choreography with my partner in clown Brad Puddin’!

It’s going to be deliciously messy! That’s all I am going to say.

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A beautiful hectic month ahead.

May 4th: Scenes and Sequins @ The Social Capitol Theatre 10pm!
This will be a fun one! After my performance, 4 comedians will do a skit about my act.

May 7th:  I have the utmost pleasure of seeing my students strut the stage and for some of them, it’s their very first time!
May 11th: Pride Fundraiser Show @ Buddies And Bad Times Show 8pm!

May 12th: Kitty Night’s @ Sopra Upper Lounge. Showtime  10:45PM.

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A holiday is fast approaching, but before I go…

Exciting stuff is happening…

April 6th-

Get out of your head and slip into your body; own your style, strut and sexuality!  Tonight, Sex School presents a strip tease class for beginners; for those looking to seduce their partner in the bedroom and beyond.

Special guest instructor BonBon Bombay will present the following:

How to become more comfortable and confident in your own skin

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The circus is coming! The circus is coming!


March 1st- Come to the most intimate burlesque show. No stage here, it’s all up close!

March 11th- BonBon Bombay brings her multi-award winning act “The Dance of Death” to Sinful Sunday and will have a little something special for a second performance. 

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A month of love and gratitude…

 “It fills my heart with great joy to teach burlesque. For the past 6 weeks, I have embarked on an journey with many women who are ready to hit the stage and shine! Don’t miss this showcase! It may give you that little extra push to finally have the nerve to take it all off and be fierce! And it’s not only the ladies taking it off, James and The Giant Pasty has been teaching the gents, and they are hitting the stage too!”

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Beginning the year with a bang!!

Beginning January 9th, 2018 Class B is Back in session!

Have you ever wanted to try burlesque?

BonBon Bombay brings Class B to Toronto. This 6 weeks intensive will give you all the tools you need to create your first act and put it on stage February 27th at The Revival!

And for those with experience, as of January 15th Advance Class B!

This class will run for 5 weeks with more movement, acting exercises and encourages the experience artist to up their game for their showcase on February 27th at The Revival!

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A month of recovery lies ahead…

Unfortunately, BonBon Bombay will be out of commission as of Dec 8th for one month. She will be having day surgery and then must lay low to recuperate .

“Damnit, no dancing or boxing for me!”

Don’t worry, this little fire cracker will be back at it in no time!

Happy Holiday Season! xo

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It’s party time at Chez BonBon!


On November 24th-  QUEERIOUS at Chez BonBon! Come join us for an evening of performances, celebration of love and birthday cheers for Maximum Capacity!

10pm. $10. 10 performers.

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Cue Music: “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…”


“Montreal here I come! I am so excited! Oh my beloved French city, how I miss thee…lalala…”

Oct 13th- Dans le cadre du Festival Phénomena, BonBon Bombay ce join à Kiss My Cabaret à la Sala Rosa. Oh que ça va être fou!

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