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An 8-Week Guide to Making your First Burlesque Act
Would you like to try your hand at burlesque performance but aren’t sure where to start?

BonBon Bombay and The Lady Josephine are here to offer you the tools you’ll need to make a successful debut into the world of theatrical striptease.

In this 8-week course, we will build your knowledge of the art of burlesque from the ground up. The session starts with the foundational elements of striptease and basic burlesque/neo-burlesque theory, and ends with the guided construction of a solo burlesque act for each student. Students in the class will be given the opportunity to perform their new creation in a show at the end of the session.

First Group Monday nights from September 2nd to October 21st, Second Group Thursday nights from September 5th to October 24th,2013 with recital on November 7th at Café Cléopatre.

Third Group begins Friday nights October 11th to November 29th, 2013, (the date of the recital TBA)


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