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“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invisible summer”- Albert Camus

In the depts of winter here is were you can find me. I’ll keep you warm…


February 7th, I am off to Baie St-Paul at Hotel La Ferme for a corporate gig organized by Évènement Lucie Champagne with my beloved strongman The Mighty Leviticus and the Infamous sword swallower Istvān Betyār. The organizer is a little worried that we shall shock her audience. No worries, we shall shock them but leave them in awe!

On a side note, Thank You Monde Osé for inviting me into your world where sexual freedom is the grand stage.

February 20th, another titillizing evening at ÃTAME with bondage and fire. Pop-up performances start at 7pm. What better way to dine? Aphrodisiac food and sexy entertainment!

February 21st, bringing bondage and fire to  132 Bar Vintage. I think I do this performance right on top of their bar. Watch you drinks people 😉

All the freaky people make the beauty of the world…

February 28th, Freak Show à la TOHU! Dans le cadre de la nuit blanche à Montréal, BonBon Bombay et Istvãn Betyãr du Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow feront des prestations hors de l’ordinaire! Get your FREAK ON!



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