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Exciting News!!! BonBon made the finals of iUmor in Bucharest, Romania!!!


On December 3rd, BonBon Bombay returns to Bucharest, Romania to compete in the finals of iUmor. The prize is 20 000 euros! “I am touched and moved that the Romanian people voted me straight to the finals. I hope to make them proud!” Miss Bombay will be in Romania from December 3rd to December 11th. Stay tuned for how it all pans out.

The Results Are In!!!

Even though Miss BonBon Bombay did not win the competition of iUmor in Bucharest, Romania, she is, A-happy to have been the only non-Romanian in the finals and B-proud to represent the art of burlesque in a mainly stand-up comedy competition. 

December 31st- What better way to end the year then to entertain!!! BonBon Bombay joins a stellar cast for the New Year’s Eve bash at The Gladstone. Let’s party until the sun comes up!

Happy New Year!!!! xo

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