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APRIL: A New Month, Push Yourself, Rejuvenate, Inspire others, Laugh lots.


April 9th- Last month Dita Von Teese, this month Perle Noire! BonBon is beaming! 

April 16th- Bike & Tattoo Show! Killer line-up! 

April 21st- Private event! Le Bal En Noir with special performances by your’s only BonBon Bombay! Let’s get things all fired up!

April 22nd- BonBon Bombay and her beloved victim Mr.Jerry Pop shall hit the stage at the very first Neo-Burlesque Festival of Montreal!

And then on the 23rd- Miss Bombay will host the evening!

April 29th- The proud host of M.O.B. Miss BonBon Bombay! “Burlesque is for EVERYONE! I couldn’t be happier to host a show that let’s the men of burlesque shine!” 


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