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A holiday is fast approaching, but before I go…

Exciting stuff is happening…

April 6th-

Get out of your head and slip into your body; own your style, strut and sexuality!  Tonight, Sex School presents a strip tease class for beginners; for those looking to seduce their partner in the bedroom and beyond.

Special guest instructor BonBon Bombay will present the following:

  • How to become more comfortable and confident in your own skin

  • Fluid, languid movements and how to work your curves; learn how to avoid feeling awkward.

  • Make your partner want it; the art of the tease!

This presentation will include a speaking portion as well as a performance that will put theory into action.  Guests are welcome to observe and/or interact; explore strip tease at your own pace.

BonBon Bombay is a  teacher, mentor, coach and movement instructor. She was the winner of the Montreal Burlesque Festival (2009), runner-up at The New York Burlesque Star Search (2011), was  flown to Paris to represent the top 10 cabaret acts of Montreal for La France À Un Incroyable Talent (2013) and performed  at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas (2016).  She has shared the stage with Dita Von Tease and has opened for The Suicide Girls.

Oasis Aqualounge is open from 11am-3am. Sex School begins at 10pm and is included in the cost of admission. Women and couples welcome.

Women-$20. Couples-$95.

April 8th- 10:30pm @ Cherry Cola’s

April 14th- Last day of Class B 101 and Class B Advanced. “I am looking forward to seeing the first draft of my students acts! Showcase coming up on May 8th!


“I shall be away from April 15th to the 27th, to enjoy time with my siblings, my friends and celebrate the marital union of my best friend Curtis and his husband to be Andrew. Vancouver here I come!” 

April 27th- “It will be a great honour to perform the choreography I created for The Fierce International Queer Burlesque Festival! We are 17 people in this number!”


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