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A beautiful hectic month ahead.

May 4th: Scenes and Sequins @ The Social Capitol Theatre 10pm!
This will be a fun one! After my performance, 4 comedians will do a skit about my act.

May 7th:  I have the utmost pleasure of seeing my students strut the stage and for some of them, it’s their very first time!
May 11th: Pride Fundraiser Show @ Buddies And Bad Times Show 8pm!

May 12th: Kitty Night’s @ Sopra Upper Lounge. Showtime  10:45PM.

May 18th: This will be unlike any fashion show you have ever seen! You don’t want to miss it!
May 26th: 6th Annual FIERCE Festival! I will be performing a solo act and my 17 person group choreography! Showtime:8PM

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