September 2016

And So…The Adventure Begins.


August 31st to September 6th- BonBon Bombay will be in Bucharest, Romania to participate in iUmor, a televised humour competition . She is one of a very select few that is competing as a non stand up comedian and that is not from Romania. Fingers crossed she makes it to the finals!!

September 7th- “My time in Bucharest Romania will never be forgotten. It was pure magic! The city, the crew from iUmor and the judges all greeted me with such open arms…I am forever grateful for the experience. I cannot divulge what happened until in airs but let’s just say it went really well.”

September 14th- BonBon Bombay said YES to her knight in shining armor and got engaged! 

September 15th to 19th- Time for some quality time & celebration with family!

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