June 2016



June 2nd to 5th- BonBon Bombay is off to Las Vegas, Nevada to perform in The Mover’s, Shaker’s and Innovators Showcase at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender!

June 6th to June 22nd- BonBon is renovating a dance studio to call her own…

June 23rd- This will be a bittersweet evening for BonBon Bombay as she watches her students from Class B Arabesque Burlesque step foot on stage for the last time. You see, BonBon has taught burlesque to hundreds of students for the past 5 years in Montreal, but now she lives in Toronto, and this was her last session. “Thank you Lady Josephine for sharing this incredible journey with me! It was pure magic! xo”

*Arabesque Burlesque is proud to present CLASS B Showcase!

After 10 weeks under the watchful eye of BonBon Bombay and Lady Josephine, a class of magnificent women are ready to take the stage and take it all off for you!

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